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Lubricants & Fuels designed to protect and extend the life of your vehicles


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"I am a mechanic and I use the Engine Life Treatment and Fuel Max in all my vehicles and haven't had any engine issues ever in over 10 years because of these products.  I highly recommend them all!"

K. Hill - Hurst, Texas

Designed to Protect & Enhance Your Vehicle 


Powered by XPL+® Technology, Xtreme Green's Engine Life Treatment and Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer are 50 Times More Powerful Than Typical Lubricants.

Without XPL+
With XPL+

Fuel Max Plus+  is a super-concentrated fuel catalyst/conditioner that liberates fuel’s chemical energy and addresses fuel problems.

Breaks Apart Hard-to-Burn Fuel Particles From This...
To This...

  • Dramatically reduce heat and friction

  • Lower maintenance costs

  • Reduce wear to extend equipment life

  • Displaces moisture

  • Prevents corrosion

  • Lower energy consumption

  • Help prevent costly down time

  • Optimize equipment efficiency

  • Extend maintenance intervals

  • Helps improve fuel economy

  • Restores engine performance 

  • Safely cleans injectors

  • Safely cleans fuel system

  • Reduces smoke

  • Prevents carbon buildup

  • Displaces moisture

  • Improves engine start-ups

  • Addresses water contamination

Bottom Line Benefits:
Bottom Line Benefits:

The Transmission Treatment has been formulated with the proprietary XPL+® Technology to work with your transmission fluid to reduce heat, friction, and wear in your vehicle's transmission.

  • Reduces friction, heat & wear

  • Promotes smoother shifting

  • Helps increase performance

  • Reduces slipping

  • Conditions seals to extend life

  • Reduce fluid friction, reducing heat

  • Helps prevent oxidation & corrossion

  • Helps reduce noise

  • Displaces moisture

Bottom Line Benefits:

The Waterless Wash is an environmentally friendly formula which saves time, and money by leaving your vehicle looking like new. 

Does Not Scratch Surface!

  • Cleans, shines, & protects

  • Does not scratch 

  • Removes dirt, sap, and droppings

  • Can be used on chrome, plastic, & glass

  • No water needed

  • Can wash a whole car in 15 minutes

  • Save time & money

  • Saves water

  • Can be used anywhere, anytime

Bottom Line Benefits:
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