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Lubricants & Fuels designed to protect and extend the life of your vehicles


Powered by World Renown 

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Designed to Protect & Enhance Your Vehicle 


Powered by XPL+® Technology, Xtreme Green's Engine Life Treatment and Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer are 50 Times More Powerful Than Typical Lubricants.

Fuel Max Plus+  is a super-concentrated fuel catalyst/conditioner that liberates fuel’s chemical energy and addresses fuel problems.

The Transmission Treatment has been formulated with the proprietary XPL+® Technology to work with your transmission fluid to reduce heat, friction, and wear in your vehicle's transmission.

The Waterless Wash is an environmentally friendly formula which saves time, and money by leaving your vehicle looking like new. 

Does Not Scratch Surface!
Without XPL+
With XPL+
Breaks Apart Hard-to-Burn Fuel Particles From This...
To This...

  • Dramatically reduce heat and friction

  • Lower maintenance costs

  • Reduce wear to extend equipment life

  • Displaces moisture

  • Prevents corrosion

  • Lower energy consumption

  • Help prevent costly down time

  • Optimize equipment efficiency

  • Extend maintenance intervals

  • Helps improve fuel economy

  • Restores engine performance 

  • Safely cleans injectors

  • Safely cleans fuel system

  • Reduces smoke

  • Prevents carbon buildup

  • Displaces moisture

  • Improves engine start-ups

  • Addresses water contamination

Bottom Line Benefits:
Bottom Line Benefits:

  • Reduces friction, heat & wear

  • Promotes smoother shifting

  • Helps increase performance

  • Reduces slipping

  • Conditions seals to extend life

  • Reduce fluid friction, reducing heat

  • Helps prevent oxidation & corrossion

  • Helps reduce noise

  • Displaces moisture

Bottom Line Benefits:

  • Cleans, shines, & protects

  • Does not scratch 

  • Removes dirt, sap, and droppings

  • Can be used on chrome, plastic, & glass

  • No water needed

  • Can wash a whole car in 15 minutes

  • Save time & money

  • Saves water

  • Can be used anywhere, anytime

Bottom Line Benefits:
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