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The Xtreme Green Value pack includes everything that keeps your car looking and running great!  


The Engine Life Treatment and the Fuel Maximizer are the perfect 1-2 combination that provide the best protection and performance for the engine.  


Don't have time to wash the car? That's ok! The Waterless Wash comes to the rescue allowing you to detail that paint for that showroom shine in MINUTES!


Last but not least is the XPL-101 Penetrating Spray Lubricant with XPL+ Technology.  The most powerful spray lubricant in the tool box.  When it comes to lug nuts, hinges, locks and hundreds of other uses, the XPL-101 will save you time, money, and headaches. 

Xtreme Green Value Pack

Excluding Sales Tax
    • 1x 12oz Xtreme Green Engine Life Treatment
    • 1x 6 Pack Xtreme Green Fuel Maximizer
    • 1x Xtreme Green Waterless Wash & Shine 6oz (FREE TOWELS)
    • 1x Xtreme Green XPL-101 Penetrating Spray


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